Customized Web Programming & Database Designing

Multitrack Solutions provides sophisticated database design and programming that enables dynamic content generation and database integration using ASP.Net Programming and MSSQL. By providing simple to use back end management areas, we empower you to manage your content and edit information with the simple click of a button so that you wont have to be held hostage by website development companies that cant make your needs high priority. We have developed databases to run powerful applications like:

  • Shopping Carts
  • Content Management Systems
  • Complete Dynamic Data Driven Websites
  • News Aggregation
  • Online Payment Systems
  • Photo Galleries
  • Dynamic Event Calendars
  • Newsletter / Press Release Postings
  • Employee Management
  • Custom Scripting

This is just a small sampling of the custom database development we have done for some of our website programming and design customers.

Database Design and Development

To gain new and repeat visitors, you need to provide fresh, relevant content on a regular basis. This could be anything from featured or new products, press releases, newsletters, expert articles and tips, event calendars, or any other type of content. We have and can develop these applications for existing websites to make them dynamic. We can even create custom database applications based on your concept and design.

Dynamically Generated Pages

With dynamically generated content, you can change or update content on the fly from any computer in the world. You can add pictures, update inventory, change text or modify posted articles.

Data Driven Websites

We develop dynamic data driven websites ranging from news aggregation websites to full e-commerce sites and also a wide variety of web applications and database solutions for a wide range of businesses.

Simple User Interface

Doing business online today requires the ability to serve fresh relevant content to your intended users and present it in a way that facilitates quick task completion. Our user friendly database administrative areas enable you to do just that. If you can type, you can manage your database with our user friendly interfaces. Dynamic content does not need to be cumbersome, and Multitrack Solutions makes it easy for you to manage your online dynamic applications.

There is no limit to what we can do. If you can imagine it, we can do it.