Website Maintenance Solutions

You can give the responsibility of maintenaning your website to us.


Website maintenance has become a important activity of the business as websites have become the vital part of business and an sales lead generators.

Website maintenance has become a must these days since even if the servers are good offering 99% uptime, still its important to check the forms and mail links atleast weekly once to be double sure that the enquiries are being forwarded from the website perfectly.

What we do

We offer you cost-effective website maintenance and take on the task of routine website maintenance to existing web sites and make whatever changes are needed as and when required. By outsourcing your web site maintenance, you are free from the regular updates and expansions.

We fix a uniform price for the regular jobs specified during the start the contract and special price for the various updates to the site based on the speed of your business growth.

Website Maintenance Plans

We have defined several flexible plans based on your choice and requirement.

Plan Cost: Rs 600 - Rs 1000 per month

Perfect for small, static sites that require only occasional updates and minor edits.

• 30 minutes of editing per month: Rs 600/month
• 45 minutes of editing per month: Rs 800/month
• 60 minutes of editting per month: Rs 1000/month

Plan Cost: Rs 2000 per month

Includes one hour of HTML/CSS maintenance updates and one hour of web programming services per month; or two hours of consultations, graphics work, updates and additions. Can roll over up to 1 hour of unused time per month.

Plan Cost: Rs 4500 per month

Includes four hours of programming or update maintenance hours and a 10% discount on hourly rates for additional hours needed for site changes and maintenance. Can roll over up to 2 hours of unused time per month.

Platinum Plan

For the "last minute" client who doesn't want us to be, we can place you on a "update immediately" plan, where when edits are received, we will put someone on your project as soon as is possible.

• 30 minutes of editing per month: Rs 900/month
• 45 minutes of editing per month: Rs 1400/month
• 60 minutes of editing per month: Rs 1700/month
• OR standard maintenance fees of Rs 2000 per hour and programming fees of Rs 2700 per hour.

Standard Maintenance

If you don't anticipate the need or desire to edit, revise or update your site, you may contact us at any time for simple HTML and CSS maintenance at a rate of Rs 1000 per hour. Programming and Flash maintenance is billed at a rate of Rs 1500 per hour. Time is charged in 15 minute increments.